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3 bedrooms
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30 Oct
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Room for rent in sweet 3-bedroom house, Melrose Park, Dublin

By clicking the contact button, you will be able to get in touch with the property manager partner and to rent your home 100% online.**The Quaint and Cute** _Because you value your sleep._ **Will I like it here?** Depends. Are you tired of hectic commutes, busy streets, and late-night revellers keeping you awake? Then opt for peaceful Melrose Park and this charming little property close to the bus stop. **Really? Tell me more...** You're going to love having that grassy garden right there. Sure, Ireland's not known for being sunny, but when it is, you have just the spot to soak up some valuable rays. We think this property is perfect for those after some peace and quiet. Come on, admit it. You're tired. You need a good night's sleep. An evening in with a movie and book. Melrose Park offers the perfect escape from the city. **Your top 3 reasons to live here:** - A washing machines makes doing laundry easy. - There's a great old-school Irish pub around the corner. Perfect. - A dishwasher saves you time and energy. **But you need to know this...** - This property is a 30 minute bus journey from central Dublin. Great for getting some good reading time in :) **Your Home-checker, Jenny, said:** _“I really love this property...there's lots of space and it has a lovely garden. It's a peaceful home..."_ **Help me make up my mind...** This is a 3-bedroom house in The Heights in Melrose Park, 30 minutes from Dublin centre by bus. It has a cosy living room, a large and bright kitchen, and the bonus of a grassy garden for you to enjoy in summer. It is perfect for those who aren't fussed about going out drinking until the early hours. Melrose Park is laidback and peaceful, and if you do fancy a pint, there's a nice old pub just around the corner.

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About this property

Property type: Room

City: Dublin

Bedrooms: 3

Price: 900 €

Available from: 2024-10-30

Washing machine: Yes

Dish washer: Yes


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