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To Rent or not to Rent in Cork City?

Ireland’s second largest city can be a great choice to rent a house or apartment. Cork is often referred to as the ‘Rebel City’ for its role in Ireland’s 20th-century War of Independence. The city centre is an island positioned between two channels of the River Lee which meet downstream at the eastern end of the city centre where the quays and docks lead out into Cork harbour.There are some great choices of houses for rent that offer wonderful views of the harbour. 

For the lover of period constructions, you couldn’t do better than to rent a property in Cork. The city features architecturally notable buildings originating from the Medieval to Modern periods, with many of the buildings showcasing the Georgian style of architecture. The city of Cork has been described by adjectives such as quirky, colourful, vibrant, athistic, musical and magical. Certainly, the general consensus is that the city is inclusive and welcoming with a happening music and gastronomy scene. So whether you’re looking for a long-term rental in Cork city or short-term, you are guaranteed an entertaining stay.

Consider renting in Cork if you’re looking for a similar vibe to Dublin but on a smaller scale. It offers everything you would expect from a modern city: job opportunities, culture and diversity, excellent leisure and educational establishments and reliable links to every corner of the nation and international destinations. Additionally, people from Cork are easy going, friendly and always up for a chat. If you are anyway socially inclined, renting an apartment in Cork means you will always have a friendly ear close by. 

Outlined below are some great facts on Cork to help you make an informative decision on whether not to rent in Cork city.

Job opportunities for anyone moving to Cork

These days renting in Dublin can prove very tricky, everyone and their grandmother wants to move to and work in the nation’s capital. This has caused a shortage in affordable rental properties and has become super competitive for skilled professionals to find suitable employment. 

Cork city and county provides a first-class alternative to Dublin’s rat-race lifestyle. There is an extensive choice of properties to rent in Cork as well as an excellent selection of jobs with some of the world’s biggest companies. Here are some bigwigs you may recognise who are based in Cork: Apple (employs 6,000 people at its Hollyhill campus), Dell, Pfizer and Amazon all have major presences in and around the city. Residential rentals in Cork city come in great variety, giving you an excellent choice of style of home and neighbourhood.

The Local Enterprise Office provides a wide range of financial supports, grants as well as online training and Mentorship Programmes for start-ups and small businesses aimed at promoting innovation, growth and sustainability.  Entrepreneurs in Cork can avail themselves of the many co-working spaces in the city making it easy to conveniently work and rent in Cork.

Since 2015, Cork City Council has been working to deliver a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive city. The Smart city project addresses a variety of themes including citizen participation, climate action and open data. All the more reason to find a rental property in Cork, a progressive city, with a bright outlook to the future. Cork is an exciting place to build a career and a sustainable life!

Rent a house or apartment in a lively city within a spirited county

Being the major hub of the largest county in Ireland means there’s always something happening within the city limits - perfect for someone who has just moved to Cork. However, if you need a break from all the hustle-bustle, there’s plenty of unique places to discover and explore around the county. Whether you’re into clubbing, pub crawling, scenic hikes or a swim in a spectacular beach, Cork and it’s surrounds can deliver on whatever you’re in the mood for.

The city offers the serious home buyer or renter an endless choice of restaurants, watering holes, museums and historical landmarks to enjoy. Whether you’re in the market for a house to rent in Cork city’s more discerning neighbourhoods: Ballincollig, Wilson or Douglas or prefer a cheap and cosy studio to rent in Cork’s city centre, you will always have heaps of stuff to keep you engaged (no matter the weather). You’ll find all kinds of live music and theatrical productions throughout the area, as well as a wide variety of museums. If you’re a culture and history buff, find your perfect rental property in Cork now!

For foodies, there are rental apartments available on Princess street close to Cork’s famous English Market. Here in this buzzing hotspot, you can happily spend several hours watching the cheerful banter between buyers and sellers or taste testing the delicious medley of fresh foods on offer. The Cork City Goal is a five star experience featuring an engaging exhibition on what 19th and early 20th-century life was like in Cork, both inside and outside of the prison walls. And if you’re around in December, you will be able to take advantage of GLOW, the famous Cork Christmas Market celebrating the festive season in style. 

Renting a house in Cork city opens you to several beautiful rambling walks throughout the city. And as everyone knows, the best way to truly discover a city is on foot. There are a myriad of marked trails all over the city such as the Shandon Mile, which will take you past everything from old churches and art galleries to theaters, pubs and cafes. Fitzgerald Park, home to Cork Public Museum, is just a short stroll from Cork City centre and is a great venue to enjoy a riverside picnic on the banks of the river Lee.

For a unique experience outside the city, a visit to either Cape Clear or Bere islands is always a treat. Cork boasts a magnificent coastline with beautiful sandy beaches that stretch out for miles. A visit to Mizen Head and the maritime museum around the corner is considered to be one of the best things to do in Cork. Short drives away are Blarney Castle and its famous stone, Blackrock Castle Observatory, and the quaint fishing town Kinsale. When you rent a property in Cork not only do you get to enjoy all the perks of city living but be out in nature within a few minutes.

Rental property in Cork opens the door to several city comforts

If you’re thinking of making Cork your home, you’ll be happy to know that the city is more than just a pretty face, figuratively speaking of course. The city offers a range of facilities to suit families of all sizes and ages, from affordable property especially apartments to rent in Cork city to state of the art sporting facilities to libraries and playgrounds, schools and community groups. 

Cork has an excellent selection of schools for children of all ages, and almost a quarter of Ireland’s highest achieving secondary schools are located in Cork. Most of the primary schools are located in residential neighbourhoods, so wherever you rent in Cork city you can be assured there will be good schools nearby. Additionally, there are numerous world-renowned third-level institutions nearby, like University College Cork, the Cork Institute of Technology, and the University of Limerick. There is a great availability of apartments and studios to rent for students studying in Cork.

The M8 motorway connects you to Dublin and there are reliable bus and rail links to most large towns and cities nationwide. Cork Airport, a 15-minute drive from the city centre, offers flights to the UK and many major European cities and the USA. This makes getting home and back super convenient for out of town and foriegn students living in a rental studio in Cork city.

No place is perfect but when it comes to job opportunities, good housing and health facilities, schools and clubs, Cork city and its suburbs is a strong territory to look into for giving you real bang for your buck! There are many excellent rental properties - houses, apartments, studios - available to rent in Cork city. Here at Rentola.ie we aim to help you find your perfect rental home.