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Properties and places to rent in Drogheda

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Rent in Drogheda - the best of the Boyne Valley

Like many, if you have been priced out of Dublin and are seeking to move to a commuter town, consider renting in Drogheda. A lively town of some 40,000 inhabitants, Drogheda is built on the banks of the river Boyne and is barely a half an hour drive to Dublin city centre. For those looking to live in a town steeped in rich mediaeval history, thriving modern industry and affordable housing, renting a house in Drogheda ticks all those boxes.

When you rent in Drogheda there is always so much to see and discover. The Boyne Valley is home to the 5000 year old megalithic passage tombs of Newgrange and Knowth (older even than the famous Pyramids of Giza in Egypt). Can you imagine renting property this close to such historical treasures? And a short distance away from Newgrange are the hills of Tara and Slane, ancient burial and ceremonial sites. Here is your chance to rent a house in Drogheda, a place dripping with interesting history and ancient lore. 

When it comes to tourist attractions and leisurely walks, music and festivals, school and job opportunities, this bustling town in county Louth punches above its weight. Enjoy all the perks of living so close to Dublin city while renting in lovely Drogheda. Here on Rentola.ie you can find all the latest houses and apartments for rent in Drogheda.

Best Areas to rent in Drogheda

An advantage to relocating to Drogheda would be the substantial choice of rental property. From apartments in the town centre to four bedroom single homes in new developments and older housing estates the town offers a brilliant selection of residential rentals. On average the rental price for a one bed apartment in the centre of Drogheda starts at €1000 and a three bed apartment can range between €1300 - €1500 depending on location.

To start your search for properties to rent in Drogheda (and the immediate vicinity) look into the neighbourhoods of Liscorrie, Five Oaks, Grange Rath and Marian park. Here you will find substantial family houses with nice backyards for rent within Drogheda city. If you don’t mind looking slightly further afield, rents get cheaper and properties even bigger.

Rent a sizable family house in Mornington, a charming coastal village five kilometres from Drogheda or Donacarney, another good area with large properties available to rent. Knightswood is just off the motorway and is a popular housing estate where you can find semis and single family houses for rent in Drogheda. Not far from Knightswood is the new housing development of Berford in the cute little village of Duleek with small and large (4-5 bedrooms) low energy rated houses available for rent. 

Another populare rental spot is Beaulieu Village on the periphery of Drogheda. Termonfeckin and Clogherhead offer lovely seaside properties for rent along with some beautiful beaches to enjoy. Interested? Check out Rentola.ie to find the perfect house or apartment to rent in Drogheda.

You can rent and work in Drogheda

There is strong employment opportunity in Drogheda in a variety of sectors from farming and tourism to finance and tech. Whatever your background, if you chose to move and rent in Drogheda you should be able to find a job in your niche. Drogheda has strong roots in brewing and distilling and is home to such reputable companies as Slane Whiskey, Boann Distillery, Listoke Distillery and Dan Kelly’s Cider. Two other big names worth mentioning are Drogheda Port Company and Boyne Valley Group. These businesses are major employers in the area and invariably have job vacancies on offer in finance, management, IT, sales and production.

Good news for the budding musician or theatre major, the arts and entertainment sector have a strong foothold in Drogheda with an exciting list of annual events. Move and rent a house in Drogheda if you have a background in theatre or the performing arts. Drogheda is home to Drogheda School of Performing Arts, The Little Duke Theatre and Kidkast Theatre School & Agency to name a few venues always on the lookout to hire new talent.

What it means to live and rent in Drogheda

Renting a house in Drogheda opens you up to the best of two worlds. On one side you have excellent industry and commerce offering employment opportunities both within the town or a short commute away in Dublin. On the other, you have rare historic antiquity and breathtaking countryside to explore, enjoy and unwind in. Rental property in Drogheda not only comes in great variety but is more affordable than Dublin, Cork or Wicklow, which makes renting a home in a place like Drogheda a smart move.

For families with children looking to rent a house or apartment in Drogheda and lay down some roots, there are excellent schools and extracurricular activities available for children in the area. Dorgheda boasts five primary schools and four secondary schools. For those with learning disabilities there’s St Ita’s school and the Drogheda Institute of Further Education provides access to a range of adult courses. If you are a stay-at-home parent renting an apartment in Drogheda you will be able to take advantage of Drogheda Institute’s course listing to learn a new skill to add to your CV or just for personal improvement.

With several parks and playgrounds, clubs and sporting facilities, the town also caters for children’s overall wellbeing as much as their educational needs.

As necessary as it is to be practical, your decision whether or not to rent a house in Drogheda should not solely be based on work and school but also on joie de vivre. True, fun and good times don’t pay the bills but what’s the point of renting property in a place without any soul? Fortunately, Drogheda is not soulless, it is a town that provides the potential renter with plenty of amusement from festivals, music gigs and theatrical productions to restaurants, pubs, hotel and spa getaways.

So whether it's for work or pleasure, renting in Drogheda covers all bases. Here is a town that has excellent transport links as well as being located barely 30 minutes away from Dublin International Airport. Living in the heart of the ancient east of Ireland will not disappoint with its many great facilities and natural beauties, renting in Drogheda is a good decision. For a full listing of properties available to rent in Drogheda, Rentola.ie is your one stop shop.