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Properties and places to rent in Letterkenny

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Rent in Letterkenny - Ireland’s cathedral town

Thinking of relocating to the north western region of Ireland? Consider renting in Letterkenny, a joy for anyone looking to escape the monotony of city life. 

Letterkenny not only has a musical and exotic sounding name but it comes with an equally exotic landscape. Renting a house in Letterkenny means living in ‘the coolest place on the planet’ according to National Geographic. Letterkenny is County Donegal’s capital and most densely populated town with an estimated 20,000 people calling it home. This energetic town offers a young diverse population, exciting nightlife, strong economy, breathtaking scenery and most importantly, very affordable apartments and houses to rent.

If you find joy in the simple things - good home, good food, good neighbours - you will love renting in Letterkenny. No matter how rapidly this lovely town has grown and expanded over the last few decades, it has not lost its core values which encompass social inclusivity, community spirit and a healthy local support system. When you rent in Letterkenny you will not only be able to enjoy a better standard of living but a better quality of life.

For the outdoor enthusiast, live life to the fullest when you rent in Letterkenny. You will be spoiled for choice, from daring adventure to simple hikes and bicycle loops. Here is your chance to turn off the Discovery Channel on TV and experience nature first hand. Renting a house in Letterkenny opens the doorway to craggy cliffs and golden shores, excellent sporting activity, art, culture and festivals galore. Rentola.ie can help you find your dream home to rent in Letterkenny with a few easy clicks.

Rent in Letterkenny for great sports and outdoor activities

If you are moving to Letterkenny and want to get involved with your local community the best and easiest way is through sports. Renting an apartment in Letterkenny will give you access to a wide variety of clubs to join from bowling, golfing and karting to surfing, fishing and kayaking. There are plenty of adventure sports centres offering classes and courses in a variety of activities as well as hiking and cycling trails that you can enjoy alone or with friends.

If your tastes run towards exploring unspoilt heritage sites, renting in Letterkenny puts you in the path of castles, forts, stone circles and crosses right at your doorstep. Visiting landmarks like Sliabh Liag sea cliffs, Beltany Stone Circle, Malin Head and Grianán of Aileach will not only be a delight to the amature historian but a great educational resource for kids of any age. The Cathedral of St. Eunan and St. Columba built in the 1890s holds pride of place in the town centre. If you get a chance to rent property on either Castle street or Church lane you can enjoy great views of this neo-gothic masterpiece anytime of day. The cathedral looks enchanting on a sunny day with its tall spires stretchy high up and its stained glass windows shimmering in hues of red and green. A trip to Letterkenny is considered incomplete unless you pay a visit to this magnificent architectural treasure.

Glenveagh National Park, a native oak woodland situated in the Derryveagh Mountains is yet another amazing recreational resource for anyone renting property in Letterkenny. The park offers hours of wilderness to explore, walks, pristine lakes and waterfalls to enjoy, and the cherry on the cake, a beautiful castle and gardens to tour. So whether it’s action packed adventure sports or more leisurely paced activity that you are into, when you rent a house in Letterkenny, you have many choices available to you.

Access affordable rental property in Letterkenny

Considering to rent in Letterkenny not just puts you in the path of cheap property in comparison to the rest of the nation but an excellent range of houses and apartments to suit every style and budget. The rental price for a four bedroom house starts at €900 and you can rent a two bedroom apartment in Letterkenny for as little as €600. Some mature housing estates offering three to five bedroom semis, terraced and single family houses for rent in Letterkenny town include Hillview, Carolina Park, Highland Drive, Parkview Drive, Killylastin Heights, Thornberry, Rann Mor Meadow and Foxhills. There are many rental options from simple to luxury apartments available in the town centre. Check out Rentola.ie now to find the right property for you to rent in Letterkenny.

Excellent Education and Cultural facilities when you rent in Letterkenny

For working parents thinking of renting a house in Letterkenny, childcare facilities are plentiful and much cheaper than in the rest of the country. Letterkenny also has a great selection of five primary and four secondary schools. For third level students, Letterkenny Institute of Technology offers full-time, part-time and online courses in arts and sciences.

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! And renting in Letterkenny is anything but dull. The Arts Centre and An Grianain have an exciting list of events that are staged throughout the year. The Earagail Arts Festival is an annual celebration of music, the performing arts and comedy. The entire town and indeed county of Donegal comes alive every June. For those renting an apartment in Letterkenny town centre, enjoy a bird’s eye view of street performances and get easy access to all the street vendors that come to participate in the festivities from all over Ireland.


Letterkenny has seen strong economic growth and a rich business culture develop in the last twenty years. Letterkenny offers those seeking to rent a house in the vicinity, excellent opportunity to forward their careers and build a solid life. Leading global companies in FinTech, Marine, Food and Tourism sectors like Pramerica, Tata and Abbott are always ready to acquire new talent.

Renting a house in Letterkenny also puts you in the path of lower childcare and rental costs allowing you to save and enjoy a higher disposable income. For those who take pleasure in a good night out, renting an apartment in Letterkenny opens you to a world of delicious gastronomy, cafes, pubs and nightclubs. People of the town are welcoming and helpful. 

Now is your chance to escape the congestion and stress of a time-poor existence and live your best life in a town full of opportunity, high living standards, beautiful outdoor resources and a thriving music, arts and culture scene. Rentola.ie can help you source the perfect home for you to rent in Letterkenny here and now!