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Top reasons to rent a house in Dublin

Thinking of renting a house in Dublin? Perhaps you’ve just landed your dream job? Maybe your kids are going to college in the city and you want to live closer to them? Or maybe you just want to try your hand at living in a big city with a welcoming small town atmosphere? Whatever your reasons for wanting to rent a house in Dublin, you’re not alone. Every year Dublin County and city see an influx of both national and international people choosing to relocate to the vicinity.

Dublin is the seat of Ireland’s government, the country’s financial centre and the most populated county on the island. In recent years it has grown in increasing popularity with employment rates being at an all time high, availability of excellent third-level educational facilities, a diverse ethnic demographic and plenty of green spaces as well as clean ocean air to enjoy. Dubliner’s have a reputation for being friendly and helpful, which is another great bonus for anyone considering renting a house in Dublin. 

Rent a house in Dublin where city & wilderness are accessible

No matter where you live, a change in scenery every so often can be very refreshing. Most cities require you to travel a good distance before you hit open countryside. Renting a house in Dublin will have you either at the foothills of mountains or on the coast within forty minutes. 

For homeseekers with an adventurous spirit, renting a house in Dublin’s suburb, Dalkey village, will allow you to enjoy some excellent rock climbing. The Dalkey quarry offers enthusiasts over 350 rock climbing routes from easy to difficult grades to explore under the careful tutelage of experts. For those with a less daring palate, the Carrigallen Forest Trail is an enjoyable walk through mature woodlands not far from the picturesque town of Kiternan. 

Palmerstown, another popular suburb to the west of the city, is not only a great place to rent a house in Dublin as it is largely a residential area with a vast selection of housing estates but it’s where you can rent a raft down the Liffey river. For more water fun, the aqua park in the bustling town of Dun Laoghaire is a favourite with children and is a must for families looking to rent a house in Dublin. 

Wherever you choose to rent a house in Dublin, the sea with long stretches of beach will be within easy reach for you to enjoy. Check out Rentola.ie for all houses to rent in Dublin.

Rent a house in Dublin for excellent schooling options

Parents/guardians always have their children’s best interests at heart. Education paves the path to a brighter future. Renting a house in Dublin will make available to you some excellent public and private schools and third-level educational institutions. Dublin is home to the world-renowned Trinity college whose list of famous alumni include: Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, Samuel Beckett and Leo Varadkar. Some other top class colleges are University College Dublin, Technical College Dublin, Dublin City University and the Royal College of Surgeons to name a few. Student rental accommodation in Dublin can be difficult to get a hold off and expensive enough. Renting a house in Dublin will enable your children to live comfortably at home while attending any of these excellent establishments.

Rent a house in Dublin for a high standard of living  

The county offers anyone seeking to rent a house in Dublin a great choice of towns and villages to build a happy and sustainable life. Homeseekers are not confined to Dublin city centre only with excellent transport links available to enjoy living outside the city limits. 

The north and south inner city of Dublin are great spots to rent in if you are single or a couple without kids and want to be part of a happening city scene. For families or individuals who enjoy a less hectic setting/pace check out Ranelagh, Rathmines, Dundrum, Dalkey and Dun Laoghaire. These districts boasting beautiful period and modern properties are especially great for families looking to rent a house in Dublin as they are mostly residential and have excellent schools and shopping facilities. They are also only a short drive away from the city centre.

Living in the county that is the seat of the nation’s capital guarantees the best of everything: job opportunities, hospitals & healthcare facilities, shopping malls, connectivity links, schools and entertainment. When you’re renting a house in Dublin you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to activities, festivals, dining options, music and cultural events to pick from. Dublin has become so multicultural in the last twenty years which has really added to its overall charm and dynamism. You only have to take a jaunt down Parnell Street, the city’s most multicultural quarter, to rub shoulders with people from a myriad nationalities from Indian to Brazilian. If you are of foreign nationality looking to relocate and rent a house in Dublin, you can be assured that a proportion of your culture and countrymen are sure to be discovered in this amazing city.


Renting a house in Dublin is an experience you are not likely to forget soon. Ireland’s capital has been awarded with the prestigious title of ‘Europe's Friendliest City’ twice by TripAdvisor. It’s not everyday you come to a small city, on a small island, on the edge of the Atlantic with such a big personality. Dublin has a reputation for having a tolerant and inclusive culture even though it is home to so many ethnic groups. According to the Central Statistics Office at least 17% of the population come from a foregin country. Whether you are a young professional couple or a family seeking to rent a house in Dublin, there will always be plenty of things to see and do to keep you happy. From seaside picnics and hikes in the Dublin mountains to art exhibitions, street festivals and concerts, Dublin has a creative soul that is felt throughout the county.

If you’re into great food and drink, the nation’s capital does not disappoint. Renting a house in Dublin will allow you to sample foodie delights from street vendors to first-class Michelin star establishments. There is a constant positive growth in the employment sector with multinationals such as Google, Facebook, IBM and Ebay firmly establishing themselves in Dublin attracting a highly skilled and educated workforce. Check out Rentola.ie today to review houses for rent in Dublin to start living your best life.