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Rent a house in charming Cork

People from all over the world now choose to live and call Cork home. Infact, Cork city and county have been attracting an international crowd for as far back as 915 A.D when the Vikings moved in! How cool is that? At present there are some 200 nationalities living in Cork. The majority of people living in the county choose to live in standalone houses; 1 out of every 5 of these people opt to rent a house in Cork.

Ireland’s largest county, Cork is renowned internationally for its cultural prowess and boasts an eclectic mix of artists, engineers, musicians, students and scientists. A fascinating blend of old world charm and modern achievement, gives Cork an energetic but at the same time graceful atmosphere. Look into the neighbourhoods of Ballincollig (the old quarter), Wilson, Douglas and Bishopstown for sizable houses to rent within Cork city limits.

For more rental options increase your scope to the neighbouring towns of Cobh, Clonakilty, Kinsale, Bantry, Skibeeren, Yoghul, and Schull…breathtakingly beautiful anytime of year. Renting a house anywhere in Cork County, offers sea, mountains, forests and lakes at your fingertips. From bustling towns like Clonakilty and Kinsale to sleepy villages, Cork offers the potential homeseeker lots of excellent choices. To review what’s currently on offer, checkout our listing on Rentola.ie to find your dream house to rent in Cork.

Rent a house in Cork to enjoy excellent amenities

Renting a house in Cork puts you in the way of excellent job opportunities and educational facilities. Cork city, Ireland’s second largest city, has a rich business culture and entrepreneurial spirit that is constantly attracting a world class pool of talent. Diversity and inclusivity are held in high regard in Cork. For example, Apple HQ Cork employs people from over 80 nationalities as do other well known multinationals based in Cork namely, Dell EMC, McAfee and Amazon.

If you come from the pharmaceutical sector, renting a house in Cork will enable you to seek employment with leading companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Novartis, GSK, Merck and Abbvie. 

Rent a house in Cork if you are self-employed or a business owner, and avail of the many external support networks. Cork is a buzz with creative thinkers and doers with a high business start-up success rate. The local county council/enterprise offices are always running workshops, financial support schemes and events to contribute towards the ever expanding entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With the unemployment rate being at an all time low in Cork, finding a job in your sector is now easier than it’s ever been. Renting a house within commuting distance of the city not only increases your chances of employment but the further away you live from the city the more affordable rental prices become.

Families looking to rent a house in Cork will be able to take advantage of an excellent selection of educational establishments from primary schools all the way up to third-level institutions. In fact, almost a quarter of Ireland’s highest achieving secondary schools are located in Cork. Cork is proud to be home of the University College Cork and the Cork Institute of Technology. There are many student houses for rent in Cork close to these colleges. Student rental accommodation is very affordable in comparison to the rates charged in Dublin. 

The M8 motorway connects you to the neighbouring counties of Waterford, Wexford and Dublin. Cork is serviced by several bus and rail links as well as an international airport. 

Rent a house in Cork if you are a lover of art & music

The entire region of Cork has always been a haven for artists and musicians. If you rent a house in Cork city, you only have to wander through the streets to hear buskers performing at every corner and beautiful wall art proudly displayed on the sides of buildings. Pubs all over the county have trad nights and the sound of uilleann pipes, the fiddle, tin whistle and bodhran are never far.

In Cork, art is not just something you look at but a creative endeavour that has become a part of life. Renting a house in Cork will give you and your family an opportunity to explore several libraries, museums, theatres, and art centres. If you love concerts and going to the theatre, plays, exhibitions, music and dance performances are held throughout the year all over Cork. 

Rent a house in Cork, the food capital of Ireland

One thing is a given, when you rent a house in Cork you’ll never go hungry. Cork has claimed a place amongst the best culinary spots in Europe. Renting a house in a county dubbed, the Food Capital of Ireland, gives you your pick of restaurants, pubs and markets. And sure, everyone does talk about the English Market but there’s a reason why this covered food market has become famous. It is full of some of the best fresh produce and artisanal food products available on the island. Anyone renting a house in Cork can easily spend hours in this delightful venue buzzing with intoxicating aromas, the music of cups clinking and the background hum of people chatting.

Renting a house in Cork’s seaside towns of Kinsale, Clonakilty, Skiberreen or Bantry will allow you to enjoy some spectacular seafood restaurants and foodie festivals. Whether it’s cheese, desserts, succulent meats or fish, Cork caters to all tastes. For more food related excursions, a visit to Ballymaloe House and Gardens is a must. 

If you have a partiality for craft beer you will love renting in Cork where there are several local breweries well worth a visit: The Fransciscan Well Brewery, Eight Degrees Brewing Company, Rising sons and Elbow Lane. And for whiskey lovers, of course there’s the Jameson Distillery in Midleton where you can tour the premises and enjoy a tasting for a very affordable fee. Midleton is a small town with a great community atmosphere, where there is a reasonable selection of affordable houses for rent within commuting distance of Cork city.


Cork makes an excellent base to rent a house and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. You have available to you top-notch facilities, plenty of job opportunities and picture postcard landscapes everywhere you turn. Additionally, Cork makes a wonderful place to raise a family with lots of cultural, sporting and educational facilities. Rentola.ie is the best place to find the perfect house to rent in Cork.