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Properties and places to rent in Mullingar

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Rent in Mullingar - the best of Lake County

If you are relocating to the midlands region seeking the goodlife, consider renting in Mullingar, regarded by many to be the jewel of County Westmeath. Mullingar is a quaint town just short of 30,000 people where you will get the authentic Irish experience. It is located smack in the centre of Ireland and is a great base to explore the rest of the Emerald Isle. Renting a house in Mullingar is not only super affordable but opens you up to a different rhythm of life, where the pace is slower, being stuck in traffic is replaced with more time with family and friends. 

You will be trading in the hustle-bustle of city living for a simpler, more refreshing lifestyle when you rent a house in Mullingar. Scaling down doesn’t mean you have to give up anything. When you rent in Mullingar you still are exposed to excellent dining experiences, entertainment, shopping facilities, parks and beautiful scenery. Best of all, renting a house in Mullingar gives you more bang for your buck. A lower cost of living equals more disposable income. Nice!

Another highlight of renting property in Mullingar is that you will be living in the heart of lake county. The neighbouring lakes - Lough Owel, Lough Derravaragh, and Lough Ennell - are wonderful natural attractions that are perfect for a variety of water sports. So if you’re into swimming, kayaking, or fishing you will love renting in Mullingar. Whether you’re interested in a two bedroom apartment or a big family home, Rentola.ie can help you find the perfect property to rent in Mullingar.

Rent and shop till you drop in Mullingar

The self-confessed shopaholic or fashionista will love renting an apartment in Mullingar town centre. There are a myriad of independent retail outlets on main street selling everything from bridal wear to stationary. Some of these shops are new and trendy but if you take a turn and walk down any one of the many narrow lanes you’ll find a host of unique shops that have been in business for decades. When you rent in Mullingar you don’t have to let the weather dictate your movements. With three large indoor shopping centres and a retail park, you can happily afford a little retail therapy whenever the feeling takes over. 

Excellent pubs and restaurants make renting in Mullingar fun

Mullingar may not as yet have a Michelin star, big name restaurant as available in Dublin but a food lover will not be disappointed by what’s on offer. The town provides everything from deep fried fast food to gourmet delights. Some excellent eateries to check out are CaToCa at Belvedere House, Wholesome Kitchen, the Church Restaurant, JP Steakhouse and Lotus Garden. There is also a great selection of cafes all over town to enjoy a spot of lunch or a mid-morning coffee and a slice (or two) of cake. If you rent an apartment in Mullingar you will be delighted by the selection of cosy, traditional and modern pubs. There’s nothing better on a cold winter’s day than sipping a hot port spiked with a clove studded slice of lemon by an open fire while listening to live trad music.

Check out these neighbourhoods to rent in Mullingar

For those seeking to rent a house in Mullingar, the possibilities are endless especially with so many new housing estates being built in the area. You can find a good selection of affordable three/four bedroom semi-detached and single family homes for rent in Gleann Petit and Ashefield. Other mature housing developments to look into are Prospect, Petitswood Manor and Broofields for nice sized houses to rent in Mullingar. You can rent a two bed apartment in Mullingar for around €800 and a three/four bedroom apartment usually starts at €1200. For larger and cheaper properties, check out areas on the outskirts of the town such as the little village of Ballinea and Gaybrook. Or, you could save yourself plenty of time and hassle by viewing all properties for rent in Mullingar right here on Rentola.ie.

Rent in Mullingar to enjoy excellent amenities

From wonderful national schools to clubs and leisure facilities, Mullngar has everything the potential renter may be looking for. If you’re on the fence whether or not renting in Mullingar is a good idea let’s list out a few activities you could be enjoying on a regular basis. Renting in Mullingar gives you access to horse riding, golf, boating and kayaking, lots of fishing, interesting walks and hikes, biking trails, beautifully preserved old buildings and historical treasures to explore, museums and art galleries, theatre and music clubs, tennis, GAA sports, festivals and markets and last but not the least, rivers and lakes to enjoy throughout the year. Sounds good?

Another major point in favour of renting in Mullingar is how safe the town is. Here is a place where people look out for each other and parents feel comfortable to allow their children more freedom than in other towns/cities.

Relocate to Mullingar and take advantage of excellent employment opportunities

Employment prospects for those seeking to rent property in Mullingar are very good. Van Nelle and Data Packaging, Foxtec and GMAC are the town’s major employers. If you have a background in IT, management, finance or production you should be able to easily find yourself a suitable position soon. One out of ten people living and renting in Mullingar however choose to commute to Dublin for work. With excellent motorway links and direct bus and train routes it takes about an hour to get from Mullingar to Dublin city centre. This opens up even more possibilities for anyone seeking to trade in expensive city living for lower rental costs in Mullingar while continuing to hold on to their city jobs.

In summary, Mullingar is not a fancy place but a simple town full of character. Renting a house in Mullingar makes sense because the cost of living is much cheaper in comparison to other bigger towns and cities in Ireland. Mullingar is a safe spot with a host of activities and excellent amenities to take advantage of. Rentola.ie can help you find your dream home in Mullingar today.

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Mullingar is a very pleasant place, where you can find both comfort and dynamic life. There is always something to do, something to see, something to have fun and relax in this city.

Yes of course. If you have everything in order with the relevant documents, such as a visa, you can rent housing in Mullingar in the same way as residents.