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Top Reasons to Consider Renting in Swords

Looking to rent a house close to Dublin? Ever thought of renting a property in Swords? Swords is a large suburban town with a rural village feel only some ten kilometers north of Dublin city center. In fact, even though it is home to over 40,000 people, it is still referred to as ‘Swords village’ for it’s laid back, easy going vibe. 

Many people over the past few decades have moved to Swords creating a diverse and spirited community. Today the residents of the town are a mix of newly moved in professionals (some with young families) and of those who have been living there for generations. Renting a house in Swords means renting property in a unique place in Ireland’s history. It was founded as a monastic settlement by St Colm Cille in the 6th century, and was the resting place of Brian Boru (a high king of Ireland who every primary school kid learns about).

With major development in place, Swords is now being viewed as an emerging city rather than a suburban town. This means better housing options for people in the market looking to rent an apartment or semi-detached/terraced house. 

As a commuter belt and only 10 minutes away from Dublin airport, Swords is serviced by great transport links, schools, shopping and leisure facilities. Plus it’s close to the seaside.

Why renting a house in Swords makes sense

The Airport only a few minutes away keeps the town busy with visitors which is great for local business. If you need to regularly travel abroad for work, renting this close to the airport could save you lots of time and hassle. Residents claim that given the proximity to the Airport there is no noise of note!

There are four playgrounds and seven parks in Swords, with several more green spaces and playgrounds in the nearby neighbourhood of Malahide making Swords a very family friendly town. If you are going to be moving with children, it makes sense to rent in a place that has enough resources to keep your little ones happily entertained. 

There’s also a castle (that has been through serious renovation) to explore. Fingal County Council plans to develop a cultural quarter around the castle, containing a civic centre, a library and a central public space. 

Many new housing developments built on the town’s periphery offer not only a great sense of community but a good source for property rentals in Swords. Most of these are made up of three and four-bedroom semis, with smaller terraced homes dating from the mid-20th century. At the top of the market, the more rural western side of the town has a number of detached properties available to rent.

As a primarily residential area, Swords is also home to a number of supermarkets – Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Supervalu – and a number of smaller convenience stores.

If keeping fit and healthy is something you’re into, you’ll be happy to rent in Swords, a town that boasts five gyms and a yoga studio, so no matter what kind of workout you’re looking for there’s something for you!

If you rent an apartment in Swords, you will not need to travel to Dublin to satisfy your shopping needs. There is excellent shopping to be had in the Pavilions Shopping Centre in the village. The shopping centre is home to several independent retailers and well known brand names. It also contains several dining and entertainment options such as the cinema. 

Living in Swords means that you have the choice to rent your dream home in a quieter spot while also having at your fingertips hospitals, museums, third-level institutions, five star hotels, etc., with Dublin city centre only a short hop away. A real win-win situation.

Many job opportunities for those renting in Swords

Swords offers decent employment opportunities as a number of US multinationals have their EU headquarters in the area. The airport (and its working affiliates) is also a big employer. So if you decide to rent a house in the Swords area, you will most likely be able to find suitable employment fairly easily.

There’s employment in the main business and industrial areas, which are located to the east of the town centre, along the R132 dual carriageway. For those looking for a house to rent in Swords close to the business park, the neighbourhoods of Seatown, Holywell and Drynam located to the east of the town offer good housing options.

Swords Express is an excellent transport link to Dublin centre further increasing employment and living scope. Easy Access to M1 and M50 make traveling to other counties easy by car or bus. So if you don’t mind commuting, living and renting a house or apartment in Swords gives you the perfect base to access several routes.

Rent in a place with lots of leisure activities

Renting an apartment in Swords provides you with plenty of opportunity to enjoy a good night out within walking distance of your home. For visitors and residents alike, Swords offers a decent nightlife, cafes, pubs and restaurants, thanks partly to its young demographic who enjoy having a laugh over food and wine. 

For those of you looking to move and rent in a place with lots of fun outdoor pursuits, Swords Estuary, east of the town, is popular for walking and jogging. Across the estuary is The Black Bridges used for cycling and walking. 

The Aer Lingus Sport and Leisure Association complex provides indoor sporting facilities that include a bowling alley, pool and athletics track. Renting property in Swords allows you to keep fit and have fun throughout the year, whatever the weather.

Swords offers affordable rents with good facilities

If you have kids you probably want to know what the schooling situation is like before looking at houses to rent in Swords. The Gaelscoil near Applewood has an excellent reputation as does Loreto College, an all girl’s secondary school. There are some excellent schools for children, the Gaelscoil near Applewood probably being the best Junior School around, and an excellent all girls secondary school in Loretto. In total there are 16 preschools, 9 primary schools and 6 secondary schools. Schools are located mostly in residential areas, which means your rental home will probably be close to your child’s school.

Rent a house in Swords to enjoy a small town lifestyle while being right on the doorstep of Dublin city. What’s more, the countryside and the coast are within easy reach as are excellent places to run, cycle and walk if you like the outdoors. 

For those seeking to move away from crazy, hectic city life now is the time to check out property for rent in Swords. Rents are definitely more affordable than Dublin city centre and there is also better availability of apartments and houses to rent in Swords than in the Dublin city.

Whether it’s to enjoy a better quality of life, raise a family out of a big city environment or capitalise on better employment opportunities, renting in Swords could be your next great move. To find some great rental properties check out Rentola.ie.