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5 Reasons to rent a house in Clonmel

Clonmel, a bustling middle-sized town in the north of County Tipperary, is a clean, friendly and happy place with lots to see and do. With the Technological University of the Shannon’s Digital Campus based in Clonmel, there is a youthful and energetic buzz to this picturesque Irish town. It makes the perfect base for anyone looking to leave city living for a comfortable town setting. There is a decent selection of affordable apartments and houses to let in Clonmel from terraced townhouses in the town centre to large detached houses in large estates on the periphery of the town. Renting a house in Clonmel makes a lot of sense for anyone having to commute to work to Waterford, Tipperary, Kilkenny or Cork. If you’re interested in viewing what houses are available to rent in Clonmel, check out Rentola.ie straightaway.

Rent a house in Clonmel for peace of mind

It’s true, larger towns may provide a bigger selection of everything - schools, shops, restaurants - but don’t forget to add crime to that list too. Renting a house in Clonmel is for any family looking to raise their children in a relaxed, crime-free, safe zone. You don’t need neighbourhood watchdogs and intricate alarm systems when you have a strong knit community watching out for each other. Here is a town where people are inclusive and ever ready to lend a helping hand. 

There is a strong attitude towards local pride as is evident by how neat and tidy the town is as well as conservation of local buildings/monuments. If you rent a house in Clonmel you will have lots of opportunities to volunteer with local committees such as the Tidy Towns Committee and the Clonmel Show Committee. Keeping the town clean and making improvements to its appearance, preserving local monuments and coming together to put on well organised events is what makes Clonmel a special place to live and rent a house.

Rent a house in Clonmel if you’re tired of living from paycheck to paycheck

You don’t need to earn a lot of money or endure a ton of stress to feel like you are making a success out of your life. Ask yourself if you are fed up with chasing your tail and never having enough time for you or your family? Next, ask yourself if you are tired of paying enormous rents for tiny accommodation? What’s the point of having a fancy job title if it means living a poor quality of life? Renting a house in Clonmel could be a very positive move in the right direction. There are some really lovely family houses for rent in Clonmel that are spacious, next to friendly neighbours and within easy access to all necessary amenities. The best part is you get to live in a bigger home for a fraction of the cost for an equivalent property in Dublin. If you are able to work from home or enjoy a hybrid work situation, think of renting a house in Clonmel to take advantage of lower living costs and be able to increase your savings.

Rent a house in Clonmel for physical and mental wellbeing

Clonmel has a beautiful landscape and many places of interest to enjoy on an ongoing basis. Renting a house in Clonmel gives you the opportunity to explore local treasures such as the Rock of Cashel in the Golden Vale, Cahir Castle, Carey’s Castle and tranquil Marlfield lake. A great day out for families looking to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. If you are into hiking, climbing or walking, you will love renting a house in Clonmel, a town surrounded by the Comeragh Mountains and Slievenamon (a 721 metre hill). Both destinations offer spectacular views with easy to challenging hiking trails. The rolling foothills of the Comeragh makes for great picnic spots to enjoy time with loved ones or just by yourself in nature with a good book.

Renting a house in Clonmel is renting in a happy place

If you are thinking of renting a house in Clonmel, be prepared to make a few unavoidable trade-offs. A smaller selection of restaurants and pubs but with prices 12% cheaper than what you’d pay elsewhere. Simple, colourful houses instead of apartment buildings. Many cute cafes with space to relax and collect your thoughts instead of the busy train-station-style of cafes in bigger cities. A slower pace of life without traffic jams or having to dodge people in the streets. Renting a house in Clonmel will mean exploring castles instead of shopping centres and having a drink with friends in the evening instead of being stuck in traffic. Sounds good to you? Rentola.ie can help you realise living this style of life by helping you find a house to rent in Clonmel.

Renting a house in Clonmel offers the best of both worlds

For homeseekers looking to rent a house in Clonmel be assured that Clonmel is well serviced by bus and rail to surrounding areas. Third level students can easily access the excellent facilities offered at the TUS Clonmel Digital Campus or venture further afield to Waterford, Cork or Limerick. There are plenty of affordable student houses to rent in Clonmel making it an attractive place for students to study. Sporting and recreational facilities from golf to equestrian delights are easily available. The South Tipperary Arts Centre located in Clonmel regularly orchestrates art exhibitions, musical and dance performances as well as talks and poetry readings. The Clonmel Junction Festival is not to be missed! Every July, the town’s artistic side comes alives with street theatre, music, acrobatics, comedy and much more to entertain young and old. Owing to its size, job availability is limited in the immediate vicinity of the town, however renting a house in Clonmel allows you to pursue excellent employment opportunities in neighbouring counties while enjoying small town living. 


Clonmel is affordable, clean and family friendly. Anyone renting a house in Clonmel can be confident to enjoy beautiful scenery, helpful neighbours, all modern amenities and in general a high standard of living based on a healthy work life balance. Check out Rentola.ie now for all latest property listings to find your dream house to rent in Clonmel.